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What makes Nutritional Direction different from the rest? The answer to that is something you will want to experience for yourself at a private appointment. To put it simply, we are the experts at what we do.

We care about you enough to get to the root cause of your health concerns. Alleviating a symptom with a drug is just a temporary fix. We like to say that we listen to your body’s many cries for help. We do testing and screening most of which you cannot get at your physician’s office. We work in conjunction with your physician at your request, and refer our clients out to qualified health care professionals for chiropractic, massages, colonics, and other modalities for which we do not specialize.

Since we believe that education is motivation, we offer in-office seminars which are open to the public as well as our clients. We also offer on-site seminars at your corporation, your church, your group meeting, or your organization. Contact us to schedule and for pricing.

Our services include: