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At Nutritional Direction, our passion is to move clients to a state of health that is not simply free from disease, but one that is a maximum state of well being which creates energy and vitality that may not be present even if a person feels otherwise healthy. Health is a balance of the physical, emotional, and spiritual being.

We care about you enough to get to the root cause of your health concerns.  Alleviating a symptom with a drug is just a temporary fix.  We like to say that we listen to your body’s many cries for help.  We offer testing and screening most of which you cannot get at your physician’s office because of insurance restrictions.  We work in conjunction with major laboratories to find you the best possible cash pay prices. If necessary, we also refer our clients out to other qualified health care professionals for chiropractic, massages, colonics, and other modalities for which we do not specialize.

We do not take insurance; we are cash pay. We feel that restrictions of health care imposed by insurance companies interfere with the level of health that you deserve, while lining the pockets of large pharmaceutical companies.  Insurance may pay for a lot of expensive tests and treatments that may never find the problem.

Nutrition counseling sessions at Nutritional Direction focus on teaching clients how to:

Initial Consultation

Follow Up Visits

Follow-up visits and ongoing assessments are used to evaluate the plans effectiveness, and adjustments are made as necessary.

What makes Nutritional Direction different from the rest?  The answer to that is something you will want to experience for yourself at a private appointment.  Contact us immediately so that we may help you get to the root cause and to realize this new found state of well being.

Video-Conferencing and In-Person Consultations

Nutritional Direction is now virtual, meaning that we can use video-conferencing or traditional phone consults from the convenience of your own home. Or we can meet in person if that is your preference. The fees are the same.

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We believe that education motivates, and wise choices are the fruit of knowledge. We also offer FREE webinars. And… our On-line courses are also available to access and learn at your own pace at an affordable rate.

Our services include: