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Before my son was 15 months old, he had suffered from croup, cradle cap, yeast infections, hand-foot-mouth disease, chronic colds, ear infections, allergies, hives, and eczema. I breast-fed and made all of C’s baby food for over a year. I thought I was doing everything right so of course each time he got sick I would get perplexed! We were becoming regulars at his pediatrician’s office. After five consecutive rounds of antibiotics I decided enough is enough.

I decided to seek professional advice from Dr. Price to help get my son healthy again. During the initial consultation we discussed my concerns with C’s overall health and his current diet. I was amazed how little I really knew about nutrition. The food labels are so misleading.

We decided on a protocol that included a modified diet along with nutritional supplements to help build up his immune system. I was a little worried that C would not like any of the new foods and afraid he would come unglued if he didn’t get his “puffs” or better known as his sugar snack. To my amazement, C responded immediately to the program! It’s been five months now and he has not had one single cold or ear infection! His eczema cleared up within two months of being on the program and his allergies haven’t bothered him either. As a bonus, I also noticed that C’s behavior has improved.

Dr. Price has not only given us great advise on selecting alternative food choices for C to help build up his immune system, she has helped the entire family to make healthier food choices. Our little family is healthier and happier thanks to Dr. Price. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.