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PD is an ex-smoker and a recovering alcoholic and has not had a drink in almost five years. However her craving for alcohol and nicotine had been replaced with cravings for caffeine, chocolate, sugars, and fatty foods. She was steadily gaining weight. She had also been on many rounds of antibiotics due to colds, flu, and other bacterial infections. In addition, she had taken tetracycline during her adolescent years.

PD had numerous digestive complaints, symptoms of hypoglycemia, was unable to concentrate, irritability, and fatigue. A major visible sign of ill health was the deep yellow cast over her entire body. Her doctor had also prescribed Zoloft for depression three years earlier.

Within a month, PD no longer had digestive complaints. I recommended several mild cleanses which included lymphatic, followed by a liver detoxification while discussing with her some of the detox symptoms. On the third or fourth day of the protocol, PD woke up with what she recognized as a hangover. She remembered we had talked about healing in reverse chronological.

In four months, PD was totally off antidepressants and espresso. And three months later, she began to feel more clear-headed, able to deal directly with emotional issues, and respond to spiritual issues after clearing the major toxins from her body. She has alleviated most all of her early symptoms of ill health. PD has also lost 21 pounds without going on a ‘diet’. PD says, “I only came to you to help me lose 10 pounds. I had no idea I was in such ill health.”