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When most individuals are trying to deal with skin issues the first thought is usually to head to the dermatologist’s office. And, the patient usually leaves with an ointment or cream to apply to the issue. The problems with topical treatment is that, while it may clear up some annoying skin issues for a short time, it does not get to the root cause. And, sadly, those creams and potions usually contain harmful chemicals like parabens, colors, and dyes. It’s like a whack-a-mole at the county fair—the issue gets covered-up and pushed down deeper then re-appears as a more serious issue.

The primary thought process when assessing any health issue, including skin disorders or symptoms, should be to consider the body as a whole and sort through for the root causes. The following is just a short list of skin conditions that your body can heal if it’s given the proper support:

The skin is the body’s first line of defense. It is a sentinel organ, standing guard to protect the body against invading pathogens. As part of the integumentary system, its primary function is protection and it also minimizes the chances of mechanical injury to underlying structures. In addition to functioning as a sensory organ, the skin regulates body temperature by sweating, and synthesizing important chemicals and hormones.

The skin is also the largest eliminatory organ of the body. Therefore, during the body’s normal day-to-day process of detoxification, it is no wonder that rashes, boils, pustules, acne, itching, or other occurrences could manifest themselves on the skin. Usually skin conditions will manifest if there is a wider or systemic issue that burdens the body’s organs of detoxification.

Poor skin color and texture can indicate that toxins are building up. More serious indicators of body burden and subsequent skin elimination problems include dermatitis, psoriasis, ulcerations, gout, rosacea, and different types of skin cancer, including melanoma.

Many skin issues have recently come under the heading of autoimmune diseases such as eczema, rosacea, and hives. These and those conditions listed above should address potential root causes such as:

Even if your only concern is some premature wrinkles, it’s time to investigate nutrient deficiencies and harmful chemicals like the ones mentioned above.