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Inflammation is a primary contributor—and perhaps the key reason—for cardiovascular events, such as heart attack and stroke. Narrowed arteries and heart attack are words typically associated. But as a practitioner of functional and forensic nutrition, I’m always asking— yes, but what is the root cause? Narrowed arteries are caused by inflammation. Any inflammation in any part of the body is caused by protective mechanisms that have been driven out of balance by nutrient disproportion and a body overburdened by toxic materials.

Cognitive Disorders: ADD to Alzheimer’s to Autism

The list of cognitive or neuro-cognitive disorders (sometimes known as neurodevelopmental disorders) has grown considerably over just the last twenty years. Pharmaceutical companies are ramping up to release more patented drugs to put yet more bandages on illnesses that have deeper root causes.

Skin Disorders

When most individuals are trying to deal with skin issues the first thought is usually to head to the dermatologist’s office. And, the patient usually leaves with an ointment or cream to apply to the issue. The problems with topical treatment is that, while it may clear up some annoying skin issues for a short time, it does not get to the root cause. And, sadly, those creams and potions usually contain harmful chemicals like parabens, colors, and dyes. It’s like a whack-a-mole at the county fair—the issue gets covered-up and pushed down deeper then re-appears as a more serious issue.