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MH came to my office for help with the following conditions/diagnoses: fibromyalgia, borderline thyroid condition, migraines/other headaches, low back pain, tendonitis, chronic colds, flu and sinusitis. She was determined to feel better. MH asked many questions about how the body works and about dietary intake.

Heavy toxic metal screening (hair analysis) found, among other issues, increased and toxic levels of copper and aluminum, as well as adrenal burn out. The analysis also indicated high levels of calcium, which meant that her calcium was not being used properly and too much was being pulled out of the bones, setting her up for kidney stones, gall stones, and osteoporosis.

These issues were addressed using supplemental protocols to support adrenal, thyroid, lymphatic, and immune systems, and to promote detoxification. Based on protocols used including strict dietary adherence, MH has experienced total alleviation of most, if not all, symptoms/diagnoses.