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“The earliest memory of the breakdown of the skin on my fingers goes back to the birth of our youngest daughter. My fingers started breaking and bleeding when she was a baby. I thought it was from changing her diapers. When it got so bad it wouldn’t heal in a few days, I started seeking out doctors for answers. I went to every doctor I could find, including dermatologists. So, for twenty-five years I have been chasing every remedy known to man.

“You can imagine my elation when Sharon ran the BodyScan and one of the main issues revealed ‘nitricum acidum’… the definition said ‘skin cracks and bleeds’. Wow! Sharon added the homeopathic remedy in the drops and I began treatment THAT DAY! The next day the cracks had begun to close up. Now, two weeks later, the skin has repaired and is almost totally back to normal. Never have I had a remedy do that. I was impressed with the tests and what was revealed about my body.

“I am very excited about this program and all the things we have targeted to bring into balance and therefore into healing. I highly recommend Nutritional Direction to anyone with health issues.”