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LJ is a wife and mother of two, working full time. She wanted to lose weight, she didn’t have any energy and wanted to establish some healthy eating habits for herself and her family. She had major sugar and fat cravings and her stress was high during the school year. She was also hungry within two hours of eating. A hair analysis revealed a toxic level of copper in the tissues and also revealed that her thyroid was low as indicated by high calcium to potassium ration. She also was not metabolizing carbohydrates and sugars properly.

In three months, LJ lost 17.5 pounds, plus 9.5% body fat! This translates to a fat loss of 20 pounds, and an increase in lean muscle mass of about 3 pounds! Her PMS is almost completely gone and she feels much more energetic. She has no more vaginal yeast infections and she does not bruise so easily.