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For most of my life I had chronic urticaria (hives). I would have lengthy periods of breaking out every day with large, red, very itchy hives. They could be anywhere on my body, from my scalp to the soles of my feet. I would have periods of reprieve, but they always came back. There was never any known trigger since my lifestyle and diet didn’t change from day to day, month to month. It was feast or famine. If I was breaking out, it happened every single day, day after day. Then, for some unknown reason, I’d stop breaking out for a while with no change in my diet, routine, or stress level.

I saw every kind of doctor on the planet and no one could determine a cause or provide permanent relief. The only thing that absolutely worked to clear the hives up was prednisone. Out of desperation, I took a LOT of prednisone over the years. I had 7-8 year period in my 50’s when I didn’t break out at all. It was absolutely wonderful and I thought I was home free. Then I turned 60, and I got a shingles shot and a flu shot on the same day. About a week later I began breaking out again relentlessly.

A dear friend had consulted with Dr. Price when she was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. She regained her health working with Dr. Price and her nutritional therapy program. I had nothing to lose, and I began seeing Dr. Price. She put together a dietary plan and supplements indicated through blood and hair analysis. With nutritional therapy, I began to see success. I have now been free of hives for a year. I am much healthier and so very grateful to Dr. Price. She truly was a gift from God, and she gives Him all the glory.