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LC had been suffering with the following symptoms for at least two years: weight gain, sugar and salt cravings, insomnia, sadness, tired, and hungry all the time.

Specific recommendations were made for LC’s dietary intake and supplement regimen. I had her draw additional blood work that had not been done by her physician, and complete a saliva test to assess adrenal function.

The additional blood work indicated low Vitamin B12, low magnesium, and low Vitamin D. Adrenal cortisol rhythm showed a significant drop in cortisol levels mid-day. Dietary and supplement protocols were modified to help bring these levels back into normal ranges.

At LC’s 3-week follow up appointment, she had lost 15 pounds, and she reported that most all of her original symptoms were gone. At her 6 week appointment she had lost a total of 18 pounds and was at her goal weight. She says, “I had not slept for 20 years. The results of working with Dr. Price for such a short period of time have been miraculous”.