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KL came to see me for headaches, lack of energy, and depression. She was taking a prescription drug for the headaches in addition to Advil, and also several inhalers twice a day for asthma, which was diagnosed at age one. She also took Tagamet for digestive disturbances. She was discouraged because she could not seem to lose weight, no matter how little she ate.

KL had taken antibiotics off and on all her life. She had carbohydrate and salt cravings. She followed the program as I had recommended, though quite doubtful that she could lose weight with the amount of food suggested. The first ten days was tough. She felt discouraged because within that time-frame she had lost five pounds and then regained it, and the depression raged. She had no headaches for one week and then had one. I encouraged her to keep a “mood/food” diary, added some specific supplements, and had her continue her exercise program.

It has been ninety days and KL has not experienced depression for the last sixty days, and now has headaches infrequently. She has energy and her resting heart rate is now 56 instead of 90. She says she realizes the importance of no more dieting and is diligent to continue eliminating toxins from her body.