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“I first went to see Sharon because I was having sinusitis attacks as much as four times a year; migraine headaches which put me down for a full day; hay fever in the spring and autumn; blurry vision and constipation. The medical profession was of no help except to give me prescriptions that made me feel dumpy and spaced out. Sharon recommended testing that pinpointed areas that needed work. Sharon was able to guide me every step of the way and give me natural solutions, which have worked.

“I now have hardly any headaches and feel wonderful most of the time. My skin started to change. My arms and face had dark spots, and my legs were so dry that I would scratch myself bloody. Now people are constantly commenting on how beautiful my skin is. I lost all the cellulite that was around my buttocks and upper thighs. My dentist wanted to know what I was doing different because there was a marked improvement to my gums.

“I am a walking example of what Sharon’s nutritional counseling can do. People see me and ask me what I am doing different. I tell them and recommend Sharon’s nutritional counseling!”