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DR came to see me for hypoglycemia, cystic acne, hair loss, and constipation. She contracted Dengaye fever (carried by the mosquito) about two years prior. She had numerous digestive disturbances and craved ice cream, dairy products and other foods high in carbohydrates. A hair analysis revealed adrenal burnout, as evidenced by a low sodium to potassium ration. This inverted ratio also indicated excessive protein catabolism (breaking down of lean muscle tissue), which could explain hair loss.

DR had been on some vitamins, which she had chosen for herself. I modified her supplement protocol and she agreed to significantly modify her food intake, including reduced carbohydrates, increased protein, and more of the essential fatty acids. Within one month, DR’s skin was clearer and the cystic acne was drastically reduced. Within ten weeks, the chronic pain she had in her back since high school was mysteriously gone.