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“When I started on the nutritional program I thought I was just going to be guided to eat the right foods. Eating right is part of the program, but I had no idea of what I would experience. I had so many common problems such as fatigue, constipation, bad breath, acne, trouble losing weight, etc. I have just lived with all of my issues thinking this is just how life is going to be. I had no idea they could all be solved!

My entire life I have ALWAYS had constipation. I have never been successful solving this issue on my own. I have done everything you can think of to get regular. I was guided through my digestion issues and helped me get my gut normal. Today, I go two to three times a day! While I am getting healthy on the inside, I am losing weight the healthy way for the first time in my life and I am not dieting! I have lost a total of 32 pounds and 27 inches. Nutritional Direction has CHANGED MY LIFE!!!”