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CW – Age 59

In the past couple of weeks I’ve had a well woman’s exam and a colonscopy and both were perfect—despite a history of high blood pressure and colon cancer in my family. My colon was clear of any abnormalities and very healthy. I have you to thank for no more asthma, improved (almost gone) melasma and […]

SR – Age 59

My journey began 12 years ago with thyroid symptoms that were not diagnosed properly; chronic hives, horrible digestive issues off and on for years, vitiligo, weight gain, and horrible mood swings. My internist told me my TSH number was high and wanted to put me on Synthroid. I had to wait 5 months to see […]

JR – Age 72

“I came to see Sharon because I had a desire for overall improvement of general health. I noticed a difference within the first three weeks! She prepared a homeopathic remedy, and recommended dietary and supplement changes. I have lost about 10 pounds, my nails appear to be improving, my complexion looks better, my emotions are […]

LN – Age 56

“The earliest memory of the breakdown of the skin on my fingers goes back to the birth of our youngest daughter. My fingers started breaking and bleeding when she was a baby. I thought it was from changing her diapers. When it got so bad it wouldn’t heal in a few days, I started seeking […]

JP – Age 54

“I first went to see Sharon because I was having sinusitis attacks as much as four times a year; migraine headaches which put me down for a full day; hay fever in the spring and autumn; blurry vision and constipation. The medical profession was of no help except to give me prescriptions that made me […]

DR – Age 45

DR came to see me for hypoglycemia, cystic acne, hair loss, and constipation. She contracted Dengaye fever (carried by the mosquito) about two years prior. She had numerous digestive disturbances and craved ice cream, dairy products, and other foods high in carbohydrates. A hair analysis revealed adrenal burnout, as evidenced by a low sodium to […]

LJ – Age 35

LJ wanted to lose weight, she didn’t have any energy, and wanted to establish some healthy eating habits for herself and her family. She had major sugar and fat cravings and her stress was high during the school year. She was also hungry within two hours of eating. A hair analysis revealed a toxic level […]

KD – Age 63

In January, KD’s doctors told her that the mole they removed from her leg was a 3.5 mm deep melanoma. After consulting with me and obtaining a nutrition plan, she was very diligent. She did not eat or drink anything that was not “on the list.” She made drastic changes in her diet, supplemented by […]

LE – Age 67

For most of my life I had chronic urticaria (hives). I would have lengthy periods of breaking out every day with large, red, very itchy hives. They could be anywhere on my body, from my scalp to the soles of my feet. I would have periods of reprieve, but they always came back. There was […]