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MP – Age 45

Hello Nutritional Direction: Just want to give you and your staff at N. D. a big shout out! I am an Army Chaplain (45 years old) and was given the utmost care and wisdom concerning weight loss and arthritis pain. I adjusted my diet according to your counsel and added the supplements recommended. Want to […]

SC – Age 3

Before my son was 15 months old, he had suffered from croup, cradle cap, yeast infections, hand-foot-mouth disease, chronic colds, ear infections, allergies, hives, and eczema. I breast-fed and made all of C’s baby food for over a year. I thought I was doing everything right so of course each time he got sick I […]

SR – Age 59

My journey began 12 years ago with thyroid symptoms that were not diagnosed properly; chronic hives, horrible digestive issues off and on for years, vitiligo, weight gain, and horrible mood swings. My internist told me my TSH number was high and wanted to put me on Synthroid. I had to wait 5 months to see […]

MH – Age 39

MH came to my office for help with the following conditions/diagnoses: fibromyalgia, borderline thyroid condition, migraines/other headaches, low back pain, tendonitis, chronic colds, flu and sinusitis. She was determined to feel better. MH asked many questions about how the body works and about dietary intake. Heavy toxic metal screening (hair analysis) found, among other issues, […]

ND – Age 42

“Sharon helped me regain my balance while in a battle with Lyme’s disease. She brought a calm reassurance into the storm of information presented by numerous physicians. She coordinated with them to simplify my health regimen when I felt like giving up. Sharon’s nutritional plan and personal support were an essential element n my recovery, […]

RS – Age 21

RS came to see me for a “dysfunctioning digestive system for several years, severe allergy and flu symptoms, and a lack of energy.” RS says, “I am amazed at how well Dr. Price’s recommended testing pinpointed the weak areas in my system. I learned that I was having problems with my lymphatic system, which could […]

PB – Age 50

PB says, “I was diagnosed with parvo virus and wanted to know how to get rid of it and how was the virus affecting my body. I also had pain in my left groin—Dr. Price said I probably had lymph blockage in that area! I wanted to hear what was going on in my body’s […]

PD – Age 38

PD is an ex-smoker and a recovering alcoholic and has not had a drink in almost five years. However her craving for alcohol and nicotine had been replaced with cravings for caffeine, chocolate, sugars, and fatty foods. She was steadily gaining weight. She had also been on many rounds of antibiotics due to colds, flu, […]