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MB – Age 71

MB is from Kentucky. She had been diagnosed with Type II diabetes and was very motivated to make changes to recover her health. She weighed 269 pounds and brought with her sixteen different medications on her first face-to-face appointment. She says, “When I met Dr. Price, my life changed for the better. Dr. Price told […]

DW – Age 45

I came to Dr. Price because I was very depressed and previous solutions seemed to be failing. I felt out of control. I would cry at the drop of a hat. I projected most of my bad feelings onto my husband and was quite lonely and miserable. I was overweight, withdrawn and wounded. I had […]

TB – Age 35

When I was in my 20s, I was constipated and bloated constantly. So, I started taking natural bowel vitamins that gave me diarrhea. I also started to gain weight and wanted to run a marathon someday, but didn’t have the energy or motivation to do it. I was sleeping 10 hours a day, feeling blue […]

A Clinical Testimony for Root-Cause Analogy

Several years ago I counseled with a thirty-two-year-old woman with profound anxiety. Her test results for gluten sensitivity were >100. In other words, laboratory test parameters did not exceed 100. The range of probable non-sensitivity were

LC – Age 52

LC had been suffering with the following symptoms for at least two years: weight gain, sugar and salt cravings, insomnia, sadness, tired, and hungry all the time. Specific recommendations were made for LC’s dietary intake and supplement regimen. I had her draw additional blood work that had not been done by her physician, and had […]

SR – Age 59

My journey began 12 years ago with thyroid symptoms that were not diagnosed properly; chronic hives, horrible digestive issues off and on for years, vitiligo, weight gain, and horrible mood swings. My internist told me my TSH number was high and wanted to put me on Synthroid. I had to wait 5 months to see […]

MH – Age 39

MH came to my office for help with the following conditions/diagnoses: fibromyalgia, borderline thyroid condition, migraines/other headaches, low back pain, tendonitis, chronic colds, flu and sinusitis. She was determined to feel better. Marie learned much on the first visit, asking many questions about how the body works and about dietary intake. Heavy toxic metal screening […]

SS – Age 50

“Thank you for your assistance and providing excellent products, a high level of support and encouragement, and much needed information. Prior to my first visit, I had no energy, foggy thoughts and insomnia. Changing my habits, food plan, and vitamin regimen helped me to rid myself of parasites, liver flukes and stones. My quality of […]

AF – Age 34

AF came to see me for chronic fatigue, muscle pain, weight gain, no energy, hair falling out, and hormonal problems. AF says, “The tests that Sharon recommended showed that I have some toxicity and heavy metals which I did not realize. I had some mineral deficiencies also and my lymph system was detected as a […]

NW – Age 55

NW initially came to see me for “fatigue and menopause”. She says, “I discovered through Dr. Price’s counseling how severely the stress was affecting my health and quality of life. “I now have more energy to handle my high stress job. My menopause symptoms are now manageable. I eat more thoughtfully, and I take better […]