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DW – Age 45

I came to Dr. Price because I was very depressed and previous solutions seemed to be failing. I felt out of control. I would cry at the drop of a hat, was quite lonely and miserable, and I was overweight, withdrawn, and wounded. I had seen psychologists and a psychiatrist, who put me on anti-depressants. […]

PH – Age 38

PH, a thirty-eight year old male went to see Dr. Price because of bipolar disorder and adult ADD. He was working for twelve years and said he burned out four years ago and hadn’t worked since, eventually gaining over fifty pounds. He said he had been on numerous prescription medications with many side effects and […]

PR – Age 28

PR says, “You have been an enormous support physically and emotionally. There was a time that I thought all of my symptoms indicated a need for psychological help. To my relief, you have shown me that it was my body that was in need of rehabilitation. It was not my mind that I was losing, […]

LC – Age 52

LC had been suffering with the following symptoms for at least two years: weight gain, sugar and salt cravings, insomnia, sadness, tired, and hungry all the time. Specific recommendations were made for LC’s dietary intake and supplement regimen. I had her draw additional blood work that had not been done by her physician, and complete […]

SS – Age 50

“Thank you for your assistance and providing excellent products, a high level of support and encouragement, and much needed information. Prior to my first visit, I had no energy, foggy thoughts and insomnia. Changing my habits, food plan, and vitamin regimen helped me to rid myself of parasites, liver flukes and stones. My quality of […]

PF – Age 59

“Your recommended dietary and vitamin therapy have eliminated a hunger I’ve lived with, possibly my lifetime. I don’t remember not being hungry much of the time. Try as I might, I could never get on good terms with food and subsequently lived with inadequate diet and a general anxiety about eating. Your recommendations have caused […]

GA – Age 55

I consulted with Dr. Price because of thyroid problems, extreme fatigue, inability to stay on a diet to lose weight, severe allergies, depression, and two recent bouts of diverticulitis. I’m a believer in natural supplements and healthy eating, but have been frustrated by not knowing exactly what I really need. Many books contradict each other […]

PD – Age 38

PD is an ex-smoker and a recovering alcoholic and has not had a drink in almost five years. However her craving for alcohol and nicotine had been replaced with cravings for caffeine, chocolate, sugars, and fatty foods. She was steadily gaining weight. She had also been on many rounds of antibiotics due to colds, flu, […]

KL – Age 26

KL came to see me for headaches, lack of energy, and depression. She was taking a prescription drug for the headaches in addition to Advil, and also several inhalers twice a day for asthma, which was diagnosed at age one. She also took Tagamet for digestive disturbances. She was discouraged because she could not seem […]

BM – Age 42

“Two years ago I was physically and mentally wiped out. I saw doctors and they put me on medicine. Because the needs of my body were not met with the drugs, over time I became unstable internally. Through Nutritional Direction I found out I was in serious adrenal burnout, and that this was a root […]