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CW – Age 59

In the past couple of weeks I’ve had a well woman’s exam and a colonscopy and both were perfect (despite a history of high blood pressure and colon cancer in my family. My colon was clear of any abnormalities and very healthy. I have you to thank for no more asthma, improved (almost gone) melasma […]

LD – Age 61

LD came to see me with the following complaints: constant heartburn, stomach pain at night, constipation, migraines, and pain in the gall bladder/liver area. She says, “Nothing else I had tried worked for very long. Even an internist M.D. had not helped. After hearing a presentation by Sharon, I decided to try her counseling. “The […]

SC – For her son, age 3

Before my son was 15 months old, he had suffered from croup, cradle cap, yeast infections, hand-foot-mouth disease, chronic colds, ear infections, allergies, hives, and eczema. I breast-fed and made all of C’s baby food for over a year. I thought I was doing everything right so of course each time he got sick I […]

JP – Age 54

“I first went to see Sharon because I was having sinusitis attacks as much as four times a year; migraine headaches which put me down for a full day; hay fever in the spring and autumn; blurry vision and constipation. The medical profession was of no help except to give me prescriptions that made me […]

RS – Age 21

RS came to see me for a “dysfunctioning digestive system for several years, severe allergy and flu symptoms, and a lack of energy.” RS says, “I am amazed at how well Dr. Price’s recommended testing pinpointed the weak areas in my system. I learned that I was having problems with my lymphatic system, which could […]

GA – Age 55

I consulted with Dr. Price because of thyroid problems, extreme fatigue, inability to stay on a diet to lose weight, severe allergies, depression, and two recent bouts of diverticulitis. I’m a believer in natural supplements and healthy eating, but have been frustrated by not knowing exactly what I really need. Many books contradict each other […]

KL – Age 26

KL came to see me for headaches, lack of energy, and depression. She was taking a prescription drug for the headaches in addition to Advil, and also several inhalers twice a day for asthma, which was diagnosed at age one. She also took Tagamet for digestive disturbances. She was discouraged because she could not seem […]